Vial Washing Machine

Linear Vial Washer

Linear Vial Washer is used to wash and clean the glass vials of various sizes. HTVW-120 and HTVW-240 are the two models of our Linear Vial Washing Machine which supports the vials of sizes 2ml to 30ml and it provides the output of 7000 per hour and 14000 per hour depending on the sizes of the vials. HTVW-120 contains 50 jets for washing zones and HTVW-240 contains 100 jets for washing zones. The contact equipment of Linear Vial Washer is made up of using the material SS316 and the machine is constructed using SS304. Linear Vial Washing Machine contains 2 pumps and 2 tanks that assures complete cleanliness and avoid contamination. The sequence of washing is arranged as per the client. Flexibility, free from vibration, cleaned easily, and durability are the features that make the customers put their faith in Linear Vial Washers.

Linear Vial Washing Machine

Linear Vial Washing Machine with CE certification can wash vials with the size from 2ml to 20ml. HLVW-150 and HLVW-80 are the two famous modes of Automatic Vial Washing Machine. HLVW-150 has the ability to provide an output of 60 to 150 vials per minute and HLVW-80 can provide an output of 40 to 80 vials per minute. Linear Vial Washer Machine provides 7 washing cycles in which 4 are water washes and 3 are air washes. Water with high pressure passing through nozzles for effective cleaning. SS316L is used to make contact parts while SS 304 to make non-contact parts. Linear Vial Washing Machine can be trusted by the customers because of its durability as well as its less consumption of power and water.

Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Rotary Vial Washing Machine that we provide is complying with cGMP standards and is of the best quality for washing glass vials. The throughput capacity of the Rotary Vial Washer is of 120 and 240 vials per minute. This equipment can wash ampoules and vials of the size 2ml to 100ml. There are 3 air washes and 3 water washes which are provided by the Rotary Vial Washing Machine and the sequence of the washes is arranged as per the client’s requirement. Rotary Vial Washer consists of 3 tanks and 3 pumps, each of 25 litres. The washing zones of the equipment are separate that avoids contamination. Wash media and internal structure are made up of AISI 316L stainless steel and other parts of AISI SS 304 stainless steel which assures the customers of quality and durability.

List of Vial Washing Machine

Linear Vial Washer (Linear Vial Washing Machine)

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Linear Vial Washing Machine

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Rotary Vial Washing Machine

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