Tablet Capsule Counting & Filling Line

Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine is used to label the bottles while packaging and is widely used is Pharmaceutical industries, food industry and Agro chemical industry. The Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine can label 60 to 150 bottles per minute and can label the containers with the size 25 to 100 ml. Our Induction Cap sealer provides hermetic seal and helps in preventing the leakage. The Induction Cap Sealing Machine can seal 60 to 80 BPM with a cap having 25 to 80 mm in size. The sealing is safe, compatible and with great reliability.

Bottle Screw Capping Machine is used for capping the bottles. The fabrication and construction of Bottle Screw Capping Machine uses stainless steel and hence is free of corrosion and thus perfect packing is guaranteed. Desiccant Feeder is used to insert silica gel canister. The Desiccant Feeder has the ability to provide output for about 50 to 100 canisters in a minute. The Desiccant Feeder makes sure that the pouches don’t break or spill.

Tablet, Capsule Counting and Filling Machine is used to automatically count and fill capsules, soft gel pills, tablets etc. It fills 2 to 9999 pieces per bottle. Tablet, Capsule Counting and Filling Machine use No product No Count mechanism and it also removes broken capsules and tablets. The Bottle Unscrambler is used to unscramble the bottles of various sizes. Bottle Unscrambler can deal with bottles having the diameter of 60 mm and height of 150 mm. It gives the output of 100 bottles in a minute. Stainless steel is used for its construction.

List of Tablet Capsule Counting & Filling Line

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