Sterilizing & Depyrogenating Tunnels

Sterilizing Tunnel for Ampoules and vials

The Sterilizing Tunnel Machine is used to depyrogenate and sterilize vials, bottles and ampoules. All the working of the Ampoule Sterilizing Tunnel is managed by a PLC system and even the important sections are protected by a password. The machine receives the vials, bottles and ampoules from the washer and are sent to the drying zone and from here to the hot zone where they are, they are sterilized by heating and then are sent to the cold zone for cooling the materials. At the entry of the sterilizing zone Hepa filter and sensor are located and even one sensor is located at Heater Assembly (375 °C) for protection of the heater. The Vial Sterilizing Tunnel automatically stops after a batch is completed and this leads to power saving. Also, our Ampoule and Vial Sterilizing Tunnel Machine is CE certified.

Advantages Of Sterilizing Tunnels For Ampoules & Vials

Our sterilizing & depyrogenating tunnels are used in pharmaceutical industries and chemical industries. The major reason for utilizing the machine is to sterilize the containers so that harmful abstracts are eliminated from the vials and ampoules. Numerous other advantages can be derived using our vial sterilizing tunnel. Advantages like accurate detection of heat can be measured by using this Depyrogenation Tunnel. Cost-effectiveness and automatic shut down system can also be counted as some other advantages that our Sterilisation Tunnel offers. Hence, our sterilizing machine is compatible with sanitizing/sterilizing every type of vials and ampoules used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

List of Sterilizing & Depyrogenating Tunnels

Sterilizing Tunnel For Ampoules & Vials

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