Bottle Washing Machine

Linear Bottle Washing Machine

Linear Bottle Washing Machines have the ability to wash bottles up to 10ml to 200ml measurements. Linear Bottle Washer is connected with two pumps and tanks along with the water consumption capacity of 500 to 700 liters per hour. It comprises of 6 internal washing zones having 60 and 120 jets. It has 25 channels, each with 10 pockets. The construction of Linear Bottle Washing Machine is strong as its contact parts are made using SS316-grade materials and the construction of main machine uses SS304 materials. The circuit is independent for every washing zone and hence it is contamination free. The best part is that the sequence of washing is totally dependent on the client’s requirements.

Semi-automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

Semi-automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine uses a Geneva mechanism for manufacturing. For the manufacture of bottle washer, stainless steel 304, bottle holder caps, pressure meters, flow regulators and solenoid valves are used. Rotary Bottle Washing Machine consists of four inner and one outer and one air wash. For avoiding contamination, stationary nozzles are used. Panel control system is separate so that there is no disturbance regarding the electricity. The customer is allowed to choose the washing sequence. Semi-automatic Bottle Washing Machine is designed on a platform which is vibration free and assures full security regarding the cleanliness of the bottles.


Our linear bottle washer has numerous beneficial aspects that are appreciated by various industries. As both the bottle washer machines have different features it makes the bottle washing process easy, for example, our bottle washers have rapid & frequent movement, which automatically deducts the work schedule so that maximum bottles can be cleaned in a shorter period. The friendly operative mechanism is another aspect that our semi-automatic rotary bottle washer has so that it is convenient for the semi or unskilled laborer to coordinate with the machine. Altogether there are numerous beneficial aspects of the rotary bottle washing machine that we offer.

List of Bottle Washing Machine

Linear Bottle Washing Machine

Harsiddh Engineering manufactures top quality Linear Bottle Washing Machine for smooth and perfect operation. Their lineContinue

Semi Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

Harsiddh semi-automatic rotary bottle washing machine is designed very compact on vibration free platform for easy operaContinue

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