Ampoule Washing Machine

Rotary Ampoule Washing Machine

Rotary Ampoule Washing Machine is the equipment used in pharmaceutical companies to wash and clean the ampoules before they are filled. It comprises of stainless steel mechanism that can wash 1 ml to 25 ml of glass ampoules and has a production capacity of 120 to 240 ampoules per minute. 3 air washes and 3 water washes are granted by the machine. The sequence of washing is arranged as per the client’s requirement. The manufacture of equipment’s contact part and wash media contains AISI 316L stainless steel and that transmits sturdy strength. The internal and external parts are made up of stainless steel and plastic and hence are corrosion-free and the materials are used as per the cGMP standard and hence excellent quality is guaranteed to the customers.

Semi-Automatic Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine

The Semi-Automatic Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine holds the accuracy of washing 2ml to 100ml of ampoules and vials. For precise wash, highly pressurized spray nozzles are engaged into the ampoules and vials. To wash 5ml to 30 ml vials, there is no requirement to change the parts and this saves the time.   The entire equipment as well as all the parts/jets of equipment are made up of SS 316 material along with perfect and complete fabrication. The usage of power is also just 0.25HP. The clients are ensured for properly cleaned and hygienic results for the pharma equipment (ampoules and vials). The Run and Stop modes are controlled by a PLC system which makes the equipment trustworthy.

List of Ampoule Washing Machine

Rotary Ampoule Washing Machine

Harsiddh rotary ampoule washing machine is a state of the art device that is designed to aseptically clean ampoules withContinue

Semi Automatic Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine

As one of the pioneering manufacturers of Semi automatic multijet ampoule and vial washing machine, Harsiddh EngineeringContinue

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